All of our PA and sound systems use top of the range speakers

If you’re looking to hire a sound system for your event then one of the most important things is the quality of the sound. All of our PA and sound systems use top of the range speakers that are able to deliver high quality sound. From the amplifiers that we use and cables to the speakers we’re constantly investing in the latest equipment to give our customers the best sound quality possible. 

The choice of audio system that you need will depend on its usage. A PA system for speeches will be setup much differently to a sound system for a live band at a gig. At Core Event Hire we aim to make the hire of sound systems as easy as possible. Whether you know exactly what you need, or have been tasked with the job of arranging a PA system hire and have no previous experience, we’ll be happy to help.

At Core Event Hire we look at the bigger picture

For those with experience in the audio field you’ll instantly recognise the names of the manufacturers that we use, d&B audio and Turbosound are both synonymous with high quality audio equipment and show our commitment to delivering the best sounding systems to our customers.


From the initial setup through to testing and adjusting, we can manage all elements of the setup of your sound system and can make sure that it sounds great. Because sound quality plays such an important role at any event we invest in the best equipment to make sure the sound you hear is as clear as possible with minimal distortion.

Our speaker systems

There are two main types of speaker systems that we use as part of our sound systems and PA packages which are point source and line arrays. For the vast majority of use cases point source speakers are the perfect choice. They offer good pattern control with dispersion that can be controlled by the angle of the horn. Point source speakers are suited to speeches, conferences, nightclubs, bands and small to medium sized festivals.


Line arrays are the ultimate festival sound system and are the perfect choice for big events such as music festivals, national conferences and outdoor speeches. They are able to throw sound further and have greater pattern control then a point source speaker system.

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