Disco and club lighting hire

With our roots firmly set in the disco industry we’ve got over 20 years’ experience to fall back on and are able to deliver lighting solutions for all types of disco and club setting. As well as working to your budget we’ll look at your venue and give you honest and professional advice about what will work best. We take the time to discuss all projects with our customers in order to understand your needs and what you’re looking to achieve.


It’s not just the interior lighting that helps to make an event special, over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of customers and used exterior lighting to great effect. From sky tracking searchlights that can be seen from miles around to site and security lighting, we can manage all elements of your venue lighting.


At Core Event Hire we look at the bigger picture

From the budget you have available to venue restrictions, at Core Event Hire we look at the bigger picture in order to create lighting solutions that will create the atmosphere you want. We don’t just go with the approach that more lights is better as this is very rarely true. It might be that the best solution for your disco is a simple mirror ball with a couple of disco lights, or if you’re looking to create a true club night then you may need a stage, intelligent lighting effects and much more.